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For many, a cashier job opened the doors to adulthood and served as their first means of income. In 2019, there were an estimated 3,600,900 cashier jobs in the U.S., many of which people aged 16 or older had worked. However, because of their lowered outlook, a projected 30,600 job decrease between 2016 and 2026, cashier jobs may experience little or no decline in the future.

What Are the Salaries for Cashier Jobs?

While they are not the highest paid workers, cashiers in the United States made an average $12.03 per hour and their annual median income was an estimated $25,020 in May 2020. However, the bottom 10 percent only earned $8.49 while the upper 10 percent earned $14.47 or more. The median hourly income can be affected by industry type, such as:

  • Pharmacies and drug stores: $12.70/hour
  • Food and beverage stores: $12.24/hour
  • General merchandise stores: $11.92/hour
  • Gasoline stations: $10.37/hour
  • Restaurants and other eating places: $11.22/hour

Tasks That Cashier Must Complete

While there may not be much complexity associated with these positions, cashiers jobs have many tasks, and accuracy is important. They encounter people on a daily-basis and are therefore the business’s first line of representation and assistance. As such, they must be willing to:

  • Greet customers entering the establishment
  • Handle check, cash, and card payments
  • Provide training to new coworkers (if experienced)
  • Report monthly, weekly and daily transactions
  • Help shopperstheir inquiries
  • Monitor daily cash accounts

Requirements for Being a Cashier

There are no educational requirements for cashiers. However, cashiers need to have a semi-professional appearance, have a basic understanding of math and be able to provide rudimentary customer service. They should also be aware of their surroundings, pay attention to detail, be comfortable with repetition and be able to stand for long periods of time.

Though retail sales are expected to increase over the decade, because of technological advancements, cashier job growth does not have the same outlook. However, despite online sales and self-checkout registers, cashiers still have a major presence in the retail industry and are expected to remain until present trends change.